Working For A Better Future

Amavinkivonko is a community organisation, with volunteers in the townships, in the streets, and working with schools, churches and similar groups. And as we grow, people are getting to know us, so they come to our offices, they call our cell-phones.

They know what we do, and how we are working for a better future for everyone we meet. If you need our help, or if you want to get involved, just
contact us.

Where We Are

The main areas in which we currently work are the townships of Tembisa , Lenasia , Soweto .We work in the “informal settlement areas” in these townships, where people often live in shacks made from scrap-metal and cardboard, and where there are often no roads, no fresh water, and no services.

Our volunteers live and work in these townships, helping local people, and our aim is one day to have a volunteer on every street. If you’d like to help, either by becoming a volunteer or by funding one of our programmes, please get in touch.

Who We Help

The short answer is that we help anyone who needs it. But our priorities are:

Orphans: sadly, South Africa has too many orphans. Limited medical care, inadequate diets, deadly diseases and crime all impact on the poorer members of township communities. The children who are left behind need our help as our number one priority.

At-risk children: Child abuse is an international problem, and it is often made worse by poverty and lack of education. We try to help these vulnerable kids by giving them a place of safety and a refuge when they feel threatened.

Children from income-less homes: in the townships where we work, there are high levels of unemployment and only a limited support system, so many households have little or no income. We try to help the children living in these conditions to develop personally as a way of escaping poverty.

Elderly and infirm people: we help older people who are living alone, looking after relatives or coping with illness and infirmity.

What We Do

Our work covers both planned and regular events, as well as ad-hoc support for people with specific needs.


Motivational events for kids:
Children are our future - one day they will be parents and entrepreneurs, craftsmen and technicians, teachers and health-workers. Our objective is to motivate kids in some of South Africa’s most deprived communities to fulfil their potential to the maximum. We do this through classes, skills development programmes and encouraging individual kids to make the most of their abilities

“Super Power Vocabulary”:
kids are encouraged to write down words they don’t understand and come along to weekly meetings at the Amavinkivonko offices to learn the meanings of these words and discuss how they can be used. It helps them with their school work, and also develops their self-confidence.

Performing arts:
dance, music and poetry help children to express themselves, empowering them, developing their potential and unleashing their innate talents. We run weekly classes in a wide range of activities, including dance styles that are unique to South Africa, poetry, creative writing and music. Groups from these classes perform in schools, churches, weddings, Amavinkivonko awareness campaigns and other community events.

After-school support:
we provide a space where children can complete their homework in relative comfort, as well as a place of safety for vulnerable kids. Where possible, we help with classes on IT, internet usage and other life skills, as part of our constant striving for personal development and empowerment.

Feeding and clothing programmes:
we deliver food and clothing to help children and families in the townships and informal settlements (where there are no regular services such as electricity and fresh water).

Field Trips:
We take children and young people on trips to the rest of South Africa, which they might otherwise not experience. These field trips are sponsored by Transnet , South Africa’s largest freight-logistics business, and with their help we take up to 3000 kids at a time to explore this beautiful country.

Christmas parties:
our annual Christmas parties are major events, with hundreds, even thousands, of children and young people having fun, with lots of food, drink, presents, games, singing and big smiles all round.

You Can Help Us Do More

We are making major strides with the people we help, in terms of individual personal development, skills, literacy and economic empowerment. But we want to do more, and we can do - with your support. Read how you can help Amavinkivonko to make a real difference to the lives of kids in the townships of South Africa.

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