The Difference We Make

The work done by Amavinkivonko’s volunteers makes a real difference to people who live in some of South Africa’s most deprived areas.

Our focus on education, skills development and training helps Township children take a first step on the way to a better, more fulfilling life.

We also help adults with advice, clothing, food and simple acts of kindness to brighten their lives.
With your help we can do even more. Please get in touch.

Dance With A Smile

Our performing arts classes create a real buzz, with dances that were created in the townships, including Pantsula and the iconic Gumboot Dance . Groups from these classes perform in schools, weddings, and Amavinkivonko awareness campaigns.

Exploring South Africa

Two or three times a year, we take groups of kids on field trips, so that they can see and experience their beautiful country, often for the first time. Recently, we took groups of several hundred kids to Magaliesberg with the kind and generous help of our sponsor Transnet .

Generating Change For A Better Future

We help people to help themselves, with assistance in starting their own income generating micro-businesses such as home-based food gardens, poultry farms and clothing repairs. We also mentor young people,

Nurturing their talents and spirit to encourage them to become future entrepreneurs and wealth-creators.

It's Christmas Party Time!

Our annual Christmas party is very special, a time where township kids can dance, sing, laugh and just enjoy themselves, before going home with a Christmas present. Amavinkivonko volunteers are there to make sure that they also leave with a smile.

If you’d like to sponsor one of our Christmas parties and make people smile, please
contact us.

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